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We arrived in Strasbourg on the border of Germany and France on a rainy autumn morning. The largest border city in France is located on the west bank of the Rhine, across the Rhine and the German Baden-Wrttemberg in the east. The state is across the river. Strasbourg in the morning is quiet, I saw so many flowers in a city for the first time - there are many rivers in Strasbourg, and the railings of the bridges in the river are all above The flowers are clustered, and the windowsill of the houses in the city are also decorated with flowers. The whole city is full of colorful colors. The air is cold and humid, and the view is, but it is a life that is infiltrated. Strasbourg is a hybrid city the city has witnessed hundreds of years of grievances between Germany and France, the Franco-Prussian War, World War I, World War II, Strasbourg in Germany There have been many changes between the two, whether from language, architecture or culture, both of the elements of Germany and France, the "mixed blood" taste is very strong. The Old Town of Strasbourg is a world heritage site, and the heart of the Old Town is located on the Big Island of Strasbourg. In the drizzle, the old European wooden ribs still stand upright around the river. It is said that in the past, just look at these wooden rib patterns to know if the homeowner is a carpenter or a blacksmith. The famous "unfinished building" in Europe - the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg is the landmark of the city. This Gothic church, which has not been completed in 263 years, has only one 124. The spire of Migao - yes, this is a building called by a unit, and the other side of the house is not made because there is no money...
When the fog in Strasbourg reminds me of the modern tram of a city driving into the medieval old city, I realized that it is a bit like a forest in Edinburgh, separated by Strasbourg, France, and Kyle, Germany. Curious about the border area, I took a tram to go to Germany. I found a lot of Germanic faces. When I returned, I heard the French pronunciation of the past few days from their tone. A cross-border tram contacted the relationship between the two. In a small step, you feel the pride of entering a new world. This mentality should only exist in the traveler Strasbourg, the northeastern city of France, the Greater Eastern Region (Rgion Grand) Est) The capital of the capital and the province of Bas-Rhin (67 provinces) is also the seventh largest city and the largest border city in France [1], also known as Baibao or Bai Xuebao. The city is located on the west bank of the Rhine, on the east side of the Baden-Wrttemberg region of Germany, and on the west side of the Vosges mountains. Strasbourg is far from the coastline but is still affected by the warm currents of the North Atlantic and is an atypical temperate maritime climate. Historically, Strasbourg has been in the overlapping zone of multiple ethnic activities. From the original Celtic, to Gaul, Germanic, and later Frank, Charlemagne, these nations have left their footprints in Strasbourg. In the mid-19th century, it gradually became the focus of long-term competition between Germany and France.
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Stroll through the winding lanes of Strasbourg's Old Town, the charming Gothic cathedral, the river's green-style brick-and-wood huts, linger in the small French canal, or indulge in the Alsace pub, telling the truth, than From yesterday's Paris, I am more interested in the small town of Strasbourg, which is far away from Paris, nearly 700 kilometers away. Strasbourg is located at the eastern end of the French territory, across the Rhine from Germany. It is the capital of France's Alsace and Lower Rhine provinces. It is also the parliamentary capital of Europe. The headquarters of many EU institutions are It is also located here, which shows that not only is the location unique, the scenery is beautiful, the climate is pleasant, and the products are rich. The 20 km west is the Vosges Mountains, while the 25 km east is the German Black Forest. Because it is the border between Germany and France, the architecture here is also a combination of two countries. It is covered with medieval wooden truss houses and Baroque sandstone buildings. The canal bridges are criss-crossed, with brown roofs and black wooden slats along the way. The old houses are ancient and ancient. The area was said to have been completely destroyed during the Second World War, rebuilt after the war and listed on the World Heritage List in 1988. Strasbourg Cathedral, which was completed in 263, is slowly approaching it. There is a feeling of infinite proximity to the sky. Although it is already known that European churches are everywhere, you can see it after the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. So shocked, I am so excited that I do not know how to describe its shock.
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