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The Xianduiyan Scenic Area is located in the southeast of Dongtou Island in Zhejiang Province, about 2.7 kilometers southeast of the city. Its boulder is wide open and stands tall and steep. Legend has it that the dangerous stone is the base of the gods, hence the name. The huge stone buildings in the scenic area, the dangerous stone cascade, steep and colorful, is a wonder, is the perfect place to listen to the waves, watch the sea, and enjoy the stone. Sendanyan beach, reef, and giant rock are integrated into one. The huge natural stone blocks are stacked into mountains, and there are stones such as Xianren Stone, Guanyin Pilgrimage, 12 Zodiac, and Fairy Back Golden Boy, standing in the sea. The sun-rock of the rock top has a through-the-hole. Every day at noon, the sun shines through the hole, creating a colorful beam of light.
You certainly don't know that after the three famous buildings in ChinaYellow Crane Tower, Yueyang Tower, and Tengwang Pavilion, there are also nine famous buildings, and the Wanghai Building standing on the Dongdunshan Mountain in Dongtou is among them. Why do you win such a big reputation when you are in a small Dongtou Island? This year's capital is very high. As early as the Northern and Southern Dynasties in 434 AD, it was built by Yongjia County, and it was named after the three thousand miles of Wuyue and the first floor of the southeast of the famous crown. Later, with the rise and fall of the fierce years, especially the two bans of the Ming and Qing dynasties, Wanghailou had whimpered several times, dumped it, regained his heartbeat several times, repaired rebirth; finally, at the beginning of the 21st century, Once it rose from the ground, it became a landmark building on the southeast coast of China. Look up at the eye, the carved head of the tower in the Wanghai Building, adhering to the highest level of Chinese architecture, the aesthetic spirit: square seat, tower shape, large roof, flying horns, carved beams, straight into the sea. What is different is that, besides being sorghum, it is particularly strong and strong. Its width is almost four times that of other places. It seems to be the majestic majestic of Zhengyangmen in Beijing, the ancient sacred tower of Xi'an Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and the Jiayuguan of Gansu. Not anger and self-improvement, the outer rise of the Potala Palace in Tibet is deep and harmonious. What makes me even more admirable is that when I walked into the hall of the magnificent temple, the oncoming is not a tall statue and a statue of Buddha, but a museum of marine culture based on the people's livelihood of Dongtou.
Dongtou, Wenzhou, is an island county consisting of 103 islands and 259 island reefs. In 2015, it became a district of Wenzhou due to administrative division adjustment. There is no need to take a boat on the island, there is a bridge connecting the land and the island, and you can drive directly. This is a typical island scenery, especially suitable for summer heat, cool sea breeze, and a large beach beach, eating fresh seafood is very pleasant. One of the most famous scenic spots on the island is called Xianduiyan. The beaches, reefs and giant rocks are integrated into one. Walking along the boardwalk on the waterfront, this stack of roads is more than a thousand meters long. There are a few transparent glass on the plank road, which looks more thrilling. Under the feet are the stormy waves and the abrupt reefs. The waves are shattered and white on the reef. Along the boardwalk, it is the most beautiful island scenery. The observation deck is built in the beautiful scenery for tourists to take a rest and take pictures. This plank road leads to Dashayu Beach. The xiandian rock scenic area is full of megaliths, dangerous stone cascading, steep and colorful, and is a wonderful place for listening to the waves, watching the sea, surfing, enjoying stones and beach baths. The huge stones are stacked to form a hill. These boulder shapes are different. There are fairy stones, Guanyin pilgrimages, and twelve zodiac signs. The legend is that the immortals are stacked up, hence the name.
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