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As a kind of porch-style architectural art, the arcade building has a long history. The old street in Haikou is a characteristic streetscape and one of the attractions that can not be visited in Haikou. Its oldest building, the four-storey building, was built in the Southern Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 600 years. Haikou Old Street is mainly distributed in the urban area of Deshengsha Road, Xinhua South Road, Zhongshan Road, Bo'ai Road and Jiefang Road. The earliest riding building was built in 1849, and the location is in the four-storey street, also called the inner street. The current Boai North Road is surrounded by nearly a hundred years of history and is full of Nanyang architectural style. Although it has been more than a hundred years, walking in the old streets of Haikou, you can still appreciate the beauty of street buildings. These buildings have a rich Eurasian mix and architectural style. They also have a rich architectural style, both traditional Chinese ancient architectural styles, imitations of Western architecture, and Nanyang culture. The architectural and decorative style is clearly influenced by the Indian and Arab architectural culture, giving the entire architectural and decorative style a unique and unique charm. The floor of the building is not too high, most of the two or three floors, some still retain the previous business name, but also showed a strong nostalgic atmosphere. So far, these old streets are still full of people coming and going. The arcade buildings still play the main commercial functions of the old streets of Haikou Old City, retaining a strong local life atmosphere. There are many old-fashioned food shops along the street shops, and the hot afternoons are just around the corner. Into a shop, order a bowl of local specialty drinks, suddenly refreshed, exhausted!
Crater Geological Park Continue along the Huanhai Expressway and head to our first destination, the Crater Geological Park, to visit the ancient dormant volcano in northern Qiongzhou. Haikou Shishan Volcanic Group World Geopark is located in Shishan Town, southwest of Haikou City. It is a geological relic of the mantle-rift-type basic volcanic activity. It is also one of the few Holocenes in China (10,000 years ago) One of the dormant volcanoes of the volcanic eruption. According to geologists, the Qiongbei volcano erupted in the Early Tertiary of the Cenozoic, and the last eruption was the Quaternary Holocene, about 13,000 years ago. After thousands of years of sea and land changes, 36 pyramidal crater crater sites have been preserved here, including the Maanling crater at an elevation of 222.8 meters, the highest peak in Qiongbei. This is a national 4A level scenic spot, and it is a world-class geological park. The volcanic group in the scenic area covers an area of about 108 square kilometers. There are 40 different types of volcanoes and more than 30 lava tunnels. It is rich in high-quality drinking mineral springs and healing hot water. It has a tropical forest that is known as the green lung of Haikou city. The original forest and the unique basalt stone ancient dwellings. As this is not a tourist season, there are few tourists in the scenic area, and it is quiet and quiet. There are ancient trees in the scenic area. I dont know how old it is, maybe its a hundred years, or a thousand years. The dense roots must hang from the trunk, and the old trees are wrapped tightly into it, looking far away, like the old man's beard. After the erosion of time, the wind, the frost and the snow, their trunks are still vigorous and vigorous; seeing the flowers blossoming, the clouds are gone, their crowns have already covered the sky. When the sun shines through the lush foliage, it is sprinkled in the misty morning mist, and the ancient trees are rendered with mottled light and shadow. At this moment, this situation is as picturesque as a dream. The breeze comes, the oil color of the nib is slowly blooming on the rice paper, the landscape is solidified in the field of vision, the morning sun sings in the eyes, how many thoughts, how many squats, all turned into the scenery and the falling of the pen Fixed memory. Under the lamp, the ink is in the ink, and the dozens of time are spent on the light and the pen is gone. The breeze rises, Lin Tao bursts, and the flowing sunshine lingers on the leisure of the years. Jianghu carries wine, the migration of the years, the slogan of the slogan buried the pavement of the left side. Through the tree-lined path, you have passed several hundred steps, and the front is convenient to the Huokou observation deck.
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Hainan Sanya came to the creative cuisine. I didn't think there was such a restaurant in Sanya. It was very interesting from decoration to food. The restaurant has two floors. We chose to sit upstairs. Because it has just passed Halloween, there is a Halloween spider web decoration in the store~ The first one is naturally fried ice, which is definitely in Sanya. Essential thing! Today, I ordered the fried ice of dragon fruit. There are also many dragon fruit in Guangxi. But I didn't expect Sanya's dragon fruit to be so sweet. After making the fried ice, the entrance is instant, and it tastes great! Next, this is the signature dish. This shop has a superb barbecue platter, large pieces of meat and ribs. It is very real. It needs to be picked up with gloves and served with the boss's secret sauce to make the meat have a hearty taste. feel! There is another crab mango salad, as a salad lover, mango with salad is really wonderful! Next up is my favorite! The best durian pizza! This durian pizza is very mellow, with fresh nostalgia, and the cheese adds a mellow taste. This is really making me love the durian. Another signature fruit-roasted Wenchang chicken is different from the traditional Wenchang chicken. Its shape is very cool and very fragrant. Unfortunately, it is a bit late. My stomach has been occupied by pork ribs and durian cheese. The boys partners are Said that I like this more~ This meal made us all four guys have a round belly, squatting on the chair, except for "good food!" "Good enough!"
Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province, is a thousand-year-old city with many cultural monuments scattered throughout the city. Fucheng is the most concentrated area of ancient monuments. Qiongshan County, the former residence of Qiongzhou Prefecture, is part of Haikou City today. In the cultural monuments, Qiongtai Academy can be said to be the originator of Hainan education. Before setting up a university in Hainan Province, Qiongtai College is the highest institution in the province. This school is the first big man in Hainan to commemorate the Ming Dynasty. Qiu Yu was built, Qiu Yu No. Qiongtai, known as Mr. Qiongtai. Qingtai College was founded in the 44th year of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1705). In the following 200 years, all Hainan talented people have to go through the Qiongtai Academy and cultivate a large number of scholars. Now the Qiongtai Academy and the Qiongtai Teachers College are together and walk into the quaint school gate. On the left is the Qiongtai Academy. Now it is a tourist attraction. You need to buy tickets, but as long as 4 yuan, there are almost no tourists. . The atmosphere in the college is elegant, the trees are shaded, the building is simple and there are local ethnic characteristics. I think that there will always be a sound of reading in the year, and now the bustling commercial street is outside the wall. The main building of the college is called Kuixing Building, which was built in the 18th year of Qianlong. The second floor of the building, green tile, red gallery and white wall, is a brick and wood structure with ethnic characteristics, which is well preserved.
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