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One morning in the morning, after running out of breakfast in the hotel, I drove to the local farmers market to buy the freshest ingredients. The first one was the lychee, which we bought on the roadside a few days ago. Yuan a catty, now it is 2.5 yuan a pound, how can God be so cheap, I want to pack a hundred pounds back to Hangzhou like this, I saw different kinds of seafood and fruit, all farmers pick from the orchard And then brought it here, because there is no booth money, so the price of the sale is very close to the people. There are all the farmers on the two sides of the road. The coconuts are opened one after another. The local specialties are especially popular and delicious. There are seafood on the spot, fresh and fresh. Every booth is on me. Specially walked over and stunned, and some vendors greeted us with enthusiasm. ###trip#
You have a hot taste shrimp I have cool cool tea this winter to change a "taste" departure ten ways to unlock the cool password Hunan "Xiang" about Hainan "Xiang" see!
In winter, we always want to go to a warm place to travel. The first thing that the group thought of was the island tour! Today, I will summarize the essentials of island travel! [Quick-dry towel] Quick-dry towel used once and I like it very much. There are many styles on a certain treasure. You can choose some INS winds with good patterns. Quick-drying towels will be lighter than ordinary towels, and can be folded into small pieces that do not occupy a place. style swimming lap] Figure 4 Good-looking swimming laps are definitely super-eye-catching on your beach or seaside. There are many styles on a treasure. Recently, I like the combination of watermelon and pineapple ,. A girlfriend tour is a perfect match. [ins wind swimsuit] recent small group favorite super swimsuit style, do not bikini, do not four sets, a little retro, one-piece open back or pure color simple swimsuit very! it is good! Look! [Cover hat] seaside must have sunglasses in addition to the straw hat! There are never too many straw hats in various shapes, but every time I put on the suitcase, I am afraid that the hat will be deformed by pressure, so every time I put a lot of things in the hat, I can hold it up, and then put the soft things like clothes on the hat. Filled, the hat is intact. [Large waterproof bag] Go to the beach needs such a waterproof bag, you will know how convenient it is [diving socks] Not every island's beaches are as delicate and soft as the sands of the Maldives. In many places, except for stones, reefs, and many shell fragments, it is very hurtful. It can protect your feet from scratches.
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