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A must-see performance in a lifetime - Lijiang's ancient love
due to the exploration of Naxi style and culture, fell into the love of the ages of Lijiang. In the original wilderness of the wilderness, the Mosuo flower building on the shore of the lake, the ancient tea-and-horse road in the hurricane, the splendid Mufu, the third country in the romantic lyrical Yulong, and the Xiangbala in the paradise A slap in the snow. The world's leisure style and culture are gathered here. The wonderful live show of the scene shows the dream of "Give me a day, still you a thousand years". The cells of every visitor in Lijiang Songcheng are active, and the thousand miles are also stirred. Look for the heart of the traveller who comes from a dream.

The world's largest Dongba culture theme theater, the theater's exterior is dominated by a red tone, which is particularly dazzling in the blue sky and white clouds. The design of the building's shape uses some Naxi hieroglyphics, expressing a pair of men and women who are in love with each other under the watch of the sun and the moon, singing and dancing in nature, giving people a beautiful but mysterious reverie.

Entering the theater, there are no seats for 4,700 seats, and I have to sigh the attraction of the performance of "The Adventures of Lijiang".

Look for your position, the lights go out, suddenly a burst of loud music sounds, the high background sound is mixed with the sound of the ancient times, the music is gradually accelerating, on the stage The curtain slowly opened, and a line of subtitles that came into view - Naxi Genesis. The set first appeared in the vast virgin forest, followed by a team of people on the stage, dressed in ancient bark animal costumes, singing and dancing with the rhythm of music, the intense dance and the magnificent voice show In the ancient times, the Naxi people lived on the earth. In an instant, I also seemed to travel through the ancient times with music.

Men and women sing and dance in the forest, suddenly floods flooded them, human beings are so small and fragile in front of nature's majestic power, and when I thought it was over, around However, there was a burst of applause. A golden bird that descended from the sky rescued all the Naxi people and then slowly rose, dancing wings, and moving with majesty. The little friend next to me always excitedly said: "Look, look, this bird is played by people, it's incredible. "Yeah, if you don't look carefully, you can see that it is a tacit team of nine people. At that moment, the applause in the theater was like a thunder, and I believe that all the audience were shocked at this moment.
Zhangjiajie hits a new landmark - the interpretation of the thousand years of Zhangjiajie legend
Zhangjiajie ages in the ancient times, can be said to have injected the most fresh blood for Zhangjiajie tourism, since then, Zhangjiajie tourism, added a new card mark!
Zhangjiajie used the six chapters of "Shuhai Sangtian", "Wuling Wonderland", "Tianzi Mountain Legend", "Little Town Past", "Ma Sangshu", "Love in Xiangxi", and Zhangjiajie from the ancient times. Formed, to the endless thousands of years of the story of the moving history, and then to the modern times, the songs of the heroes of the West of Hunan, one by one, presented to the audience. A wonderful hour, the whole Zhangjiajie will be presented to us in a more full and three-dimensional image, and it will truly fulfill the promise of its advertising slogan--- Give me one day, and still you for thousands of years!
"" opens from a dreamy blue light and shadow. When a dreamy bubble falls from the roof, an elegant and crisp female voice begins to tell us about the formation of Zhangjiajies natural wonders. history.
"Wuling Wonderland" used the perfect stage sound and light special effects to restore the prototype of "Peach Blossom Spring" written by Tao Yuanming, the great poet of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.
"The Legend of the Emperor of Heaven" reveals the dark history of the Tujia laborers under the rule of the Tusi, and the legend that they fought bravely and finally won.
"The Story of a Small Town" uses a sleek and beautiful song and dance to express the tranquility and quietness of Xiangxi Town.
"Ma Sangshu" tells the story of the bloody men of the Xiangxi Revolutionary Holy Land bid farewell to their parents and loved ones, fought bravely on the battlefield and defended the magnificent songs of the motherland!
The last scene, "Love in Xiangxi", is the finale and a continuation of love. They used the true feelings to interpret the legendary history of Zhangjiajie, let us know Zhangjiajie's past and present life in just one hour, and also harvested and filled with emotion.
Zhangjiajie ancient performances ordinary seats 230 yuan / person, VIP seats 240 yuan / person, deluxe seats 380 yuan / person, including scenic spots no votes, there are also a variety of preferential package You can choose to purchase the official public number "Songcheng Tourism". At the same time, there is still a citizen welfare during the opening of the business. With the Zhangjiajie City ID card, you can purchase the citizen discount ticket at a super-price of 50 yuan. It can be said that it is a sincerity, a very good welfare. If you can enjoy it, don't miss it!
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