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What to eat in Japan|This pub has made flowers for horse meat, each of which is the best appetizer when it comes to Kumamoto, it must be a horse meat dish posted on the street. I have eaten horse meat in other places before coming here, and I dont have a deep impression. Until last night, the delicious can't stop, drunk in this home wine house. It is a "sakura meat", and it is the first Kumamoto of the country's meat horse breeding! 1 Test the owner's taste of the appetizer and change it daily. Tomato cream stewed seafood with mashed potatoes, a spoonful of sake and a small dish, instantly recognize this store, decided to add more! 2 The raw horse meat is mixed with cucumber. The amazing thing is the cantaloupe hidden in the cucumber, which embodies the unique sweetness of the horse meat. This dish is enough to drink a pot of wine. 3 The most recommended creation dish is the horse meat sauce cheese pizza. It is more like a pizza with a scented cheese soda cracker. It is topped with thick horse meat sauce and topped with spicy oil. 4 meat garlic sushi, using the finest pork belly and special sauce sesame oil, smooth and incomparable. 5Fried horse meatballs and horse meat cola shells. After chopping with chopsticks, large horse meat can be seen in the mashed potatoes. The meatballs are crispy and juicy, cost-effective appetizers, long live fried food! 6 Spicy fried horse meat slices in stone pot, this dish is very suitable for Chinese stomach, a bit like the practice of spicy chicken. 7XO Sauce Seafood Fried Rice The biggest feature of this restaurant is the creation of horse meat and the Japanese wine variety that should be proud of. I sit in the corner and can only shoot the tip of the iceberg. There are 1000 in the store. The yen tastes a set of three Japanese sake. * The horse's glycogen is three times that of beef, so the fresh horse meat has a special sweetness, vitamin content and calcium, iron and so on are the highest in red meat. And horse meat can consume excess heat in the body, and athletes use it to treat inflammation. [Izakaya-style] Address: Kumamoto, Kumamoto-shi, Chuo-ku, Chuo-ku, 1-11-20, Nishi-Ginza-dori, 1F Traffic: Kumamoto City Electric 2 Series, sitting in Hanamachi-cho per capita: 3,000 yen
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