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On the northern slope of Changbai Mountain, I went to the west slope yesterday and saw the blue sky and cloudless Tianchi. It was completely beautiful. Although I knew that it would take 2 hours to get to the north slope from the Wanda Smart Hotel, I still insisted on going. 8:00 in the morning chartered for more than 2 hours to the north slope, buy tickets to queue up to take the green car to the transfer station and then change the car to climb the mountain, the whole journey is thrilling, has been around the mountain cliffs, the constant turn, my heart I have been silently praying. Up to the mountain has been more than 12 o'clock, the clouds are very thick and nothing has been seen. When I was disappointed, I heard someone exclaimed. Looking at the direction of everyone, the clouds came over, and after the blow, I was lucky for the second time after the Tianpo Tianchi. I saw the Tianchi on the north slope again. After a few minutes, the Tianchi was again covered by clouds, and more clouds floated on the mountain. The experienced drivers uncle said that he could not see it in the afternoon and felt that he was too lucky. It is. often comes to the north and west slopes of Changbai Mountain. Each has a different scene. The south slope is only affected by the weather and is only open for 6 to 10 months each year, and occasionally it will be closed. I personally think that the Changbai Mountain ticket fare is not cheap, each ticket is 125 yuan, the scenic green bus 85 yuan, the transfer center to the mountain gate 24 yuan, such as the north slope Tianchi plus off-road vehicles 80 yuan, so regardless of the north slope or the west slope, One needs at least 230 to 300 yuan, so check the weather and choose one. If you fly to Changbaishan Airport, stay at Wanda Resort Hotel near Xipo, and go to Tianpo Tianchi on the second day. It is suitable for tourists who can accept higher accommodation rates and have a strong climb of 1442 stone steps.
The northern slope of Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province, Meicheng Ice and Snow Wonderland! Changbai Mountain North Slope Scenic Area Crossing Line is one of the most beautiful crossing lines in Northeast China, and each season has different styles. In the winter, it has only two main colors of white and black, and the simple color creates the artistic conception of ink painting, which is the most attractive place for this crossing line. Visitors outside the Northeast are most excited because everyone likes the difference. Changbai Mountain North Slope Scenic Area The forest crossing line starts from the parking lot, passes through Yuehualin next to the stream, then arrives at Xiaotianchi, and then you can go to the famous Lvyuantan for sightseeing. The winter in Changbai Mountain is covered with silver, and there is a thick layer of snow next to the stream. Under the cold weather, the stream is still flowing, adding a sense of agility to the snow. Through Yue Hualin, the elegant atmosphere rendered by the sky and snow makes people feel the feeling of roaming wonderland. The sound of flowing water and the sound of snow and snow are intertwined into a wonderful symphony. It is not a passionate style, but It is a gentle and lyrical tone. No more than a lot of snow, making the trip full of fun and winter charm. Small Tianchi is a beautiful scenic spot on the northern slope of Changbai Mountain. It is green like a mirror before the snow and ice, and it resembles a fairy tale world after snow and ice. Before the winter, the waterfalls of Lvyuantan rushed, falling into the water pool and rising the smoke, and the beautiful scenery of the cliff boulder and Yuehualin. In the winter, the green water pool does not see the green water, everything is as static as it is, even the waterfall is frozen at a certain moment.
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Come to Changbai Mountain for summer! Changbai Mountain North Slope Tournament If it is the first time to come to Changbai Mountain, and do not want to spend too much physical strength, then it is especially recommended to visit the northern slope of Changbai Mountain. The best season to visit Changbai Mountain is from May to August, and the duration of the game is between two days and three days. The North Slope Scenic Area can take a reverse train to the main peak to see the Tianchi, and there are also eco-friendly cars between each small attraction, so there is no need to walk. It is especially suitable for people with old people and children, or people who are not so confident in their physical strength. Changbai Mountain North Slope Scenic Area TIPS: 1) To enter the North Slope, take the eco-car to the mountainside parking lot (20 minutes by car). 2) Go to Tianchi: From the mountainside parking lot, you can choose to sit on the road and walk around the main peak to see Tianchi 3) Go to Changbai Waterfall: Take the eco-car directly from the mountainside parking lot to the waterfall parking lot (10 minutes by car) ), walk up a short section along the plank road to see Julong Spring and Changbai Waterfall. You can eat hot spring eggs with unique taste in the hot spring square, and you can wash your hands in the hot spring pool next to it. 4) Take the eco-car from the waterfall parking lot to Xiaotianchi (5 minutes by car) 5) From Xiaotianchi to Lvyuantan (5 minutes drive, or 20 minutes walk). 6) Return to the parking lot in front of the Lantian fast food and take a ride to the valley forest (5 minutes by car). You can visit for 1.5 hours. The valley forest is the closest attraction to the mountain gate. 7) Tickets and eco-car prices: 190 yuan
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