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If you come to Japan in the fall, don't miss the Aomori's maple leaf. What is the difference between Japanese maple leaves and Chinese maple leaves? In fact, they are all basically the same. The difference is the scenery. Whether it is an urban environment or a natural environment, Japan is equally clean and remarkable. The same flaming maple leaf, almost hit the spotless road, clear white zebra pattern and logo, you can immediately escape the illusion of domestic travel, telling your soul and body to bring back to Japan, If you have been here, you know that it is no exaggeration to say this! The autumn flaming maple leaves gather together, as if they were confusing with the sun, on the clean road, through the mottled mark left by the light. Duck-like maple leaves, falling behind the sporadic crystal clear dew, is very pleasant. In the autumn mountains, the morning glow, the shimmering light to the earth, and the glow of the evening glow, everywhere is the fire-like maple leaf, looking far away, like a group of agate! "Parking and sitting in love with Fenglin in the evening, frosty leaves in red in February." The maple leaf is placed on the tip of the nose, and the breathing is closed slowly. The fragrance comes from the nose. This is the breath of nature, a sense of isolation and ethereality. Maple Leaf, constantly confiding the sadness of autumn, together with the thick leaves, wrote a natural love! People remember that the maple leaves are about to wither, but they are still suffering from the cold wind until one day they return to the earth.
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I went to Japan to play in September. My friend took us to an ultra-small art museum. The Hetian City Museum of Modern Art
searched it. It seems that no one has ever sent it in Xiaohongshu! Really super niche
The biggest feature of this art museum is that while exhibiting modern art works, it also takes into account the community activities of the citizens. There is also an art square like a park, which is open to the public. The big pumpkins of Yayoi Kusama and the rebellious children of Nara's beautiful and my little ghosts that I like very much are in public areas. You can visit them without buying a ticket. There are also many works scattered on the streets of the
Art Gallery waiting for tourists to excavate
The entire art gallery is not a simple space, but a white independent box, which is connected by a long corridor. There are a total of 38 pieces of space exhibits
regular exhibits, po maps are some of my personal favorite works, as shown in Figure 3 of the "standing woman" lifelike works, standing next to it is like talking to her; Figure 7 The seemingly bland space, the probe is a paradise.
In addition to regular stations, special exhibitions will be held regularly. It coincides with the 10th anniversary of the museum and the passage/s exhibition of Korean artist do ho suh. Do ho suh is a very famous artist in the world. He is good at building a space with a stainless steel frame. Then he uses polyester fiber such as polyester to lay out the facade of the object. The author has done too much control over the simulation house, and the parts are very lifelike.
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