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High Temperature Death Valley and Trekking Bryce Park Americans use the words hot, dry, and low to describe the landscape of Death Valley. In summer, the maximum temperature can reach more than 50 degrees, so in order to prevent puncture, the death valley in the hot summer season is inaccessible. There are also hiking trails, you can see the "walking stones", the specific opening hours should consult the visitor center, after all, hiking here is not a joke. On both sides of the "Death Valley" canyon, the cliff is a cliff, the terrain is very sinister. It is also the hottest and driest area in North America. It doesn't rain all the year round. Every time there is heavy rain, the hot place will easily rush into the mud, and there is also the "dead crater." It is said that the notoriety of "Death Valley" was not proclaimed until 150 years ago. In the 19th century, a gold rushing team to Jinshan copied shortcuts across the valley. Because of the bad weather in this area, the innocent yellow sand was added to the pile. A few people who successfully crossed the valley said sadly when they left the place, "Goodbye Death Valley", which was named after Death Valley. Bryce Canyon National Park is located in the southwestern part of Utah, on the north bank of the Colorado River. The canyon is a huge natural amphitheatre composed of many unique rock pillars. The pillars are composed of wind, water and ice erosion in the river and sedimentary rocks in the lake bed. They are more than 60 shades of red, red, yellow and white. Different colors, plus light changes, color and gold flow. The hiking route here is also 2 hours, just around the bottom of the valley, not going back. The viewing platform is not far from the visitor center, and the road will also see the deer who are not afraid of human freedom. The viewing platform has a straight road to the bottom of the valley and is well recognizable. In fact, it is a bit like Cappadocia in Turkey. At sunset, the golden glory of the summit is not to be missed!
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