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Self-driving tour directly up the mountain, the mountain road bends carefully, the car can go to the tourist center parking plant, free parking. There are many local people in the tourist center who help to buy tickets in the parking lot. They will collect tips ranging from tens of yuan. They don't sell tickets directly. They must book tickets online. They won't book tickets online. There will be no tickets. When booking tickets, they will pay by sweeping yards. Don't make mistakes in choosing the time and path. We suggest that you spend some money to find a local person to book tickets for you. Ticket prices are transparent. Tourist centers have clearly marked prices. Local people will not cheat you on tickets. As for tips, it will not be too expensive to talk about directly. What they say is how much, they will never cheat customers. Whether you book tickets by yourself or by others, the old and children's discount tickets must be exchanged for paper tickets at the ticket outlet with the order number in the mobile phone. Others do not have paper tickets, so they can brush their ID cards at the entrance of the scenic spot. Take the elevator to the next floor of the tourist center and queue up to enter the scenic spot. After entering, it's the glass bridge. Remember to wear a shoe protector. Otherwise, the staff on the bridge will block it. After crossing the bridge is the Grand Canyon, the whole journey takes about 3 hours, the mountain wall trestle is relatively bare, in some places almost 90 degrees slope, there is a wire to catch. When the trestle road is finished, it crosses the Grand Canyon. The mountain road is flat, with green hills and trees, rippling streams and accompanied by light wind. Crossing the Grand Canyon, and then by boat, 20 minutes boat ride, two sides of the cliff rise, there is a kind of light boat over the mountains feel. Congratulations on your trip to the Grand Canyon. Take the free ferry to the parking lot of the Peak Tourist Center to pick up your car.
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